My server is not responding to queries. Help!

If your server is not responding to queries, that means that we are having trouble establishing a connection to your server.

This could be caused by a number of issues. Some potential causes include:

  1. A misconfigured or conflicting query port. Check your server settings to make sure these ports are set correclty.
  2. A misconfigured firewall that is preventing our traffic from reaching your ports. Specifically, if you are renting an OVH GAME server, please ensure that you are allowing our traffic to your query port. The OVH GAME firewall will block our traffic by default in certain circumstances. Instead of using the game-specific protocol (i.e. arma, rust), instruct the OVH firewall to use the "other" category for the ports specified.

    Note: even if the OVH firewall indicates that it is "OFF", you must still set the rule as described above. The firewall is on, even when it is flagged as "OFF".
  3. A bad route that results in packet loss. There's little that you can do about this situation other than waiting or contacting your service provider to investigate the cause.

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