My Player Profile is Incorrect, Duplicated, or Merged

If you are noticing that your player profile shows servers you have not played on before, games you don't own, etc, then your player profile has likely been duplicated or merged with another player's profile. The reason this happens is that most of BattleMetrics player tracking occurs based on player name only. The only time we can use a unique identifier, like a Steam64ID, to identify a player is when we have an RCON connection to the server that the player is on.

This can lead to some other complicated situations. For example, Player 1 with the name "Adam" joins an RCON-enabled server in our system. We should obtain the following information about that player:

  • Player name
  • Steam64ID
  • IP

Now "Adam's" BattleMetrics profile contains all of the above information and we are tracking "Adam" primarily based on that Steam64ID. Now, another person, Player 2, also uses the name "Adam" and connects to a server that does not have an RCON connection with us. Now, the only information we have to work with is the player name of "Adam". Player 2 is now going to get matched to Player 1's profile. 

Let's now assume that Player 1 changes his name from "Adam" to something else, like "Quark". Because we were tracking at the Steam64ID level on that RCON server, when Player 1 connects to that server with the name "Quark", we will update the name shown on the player record from "Adam" to "Quark". Accordingly, because Player 2 is also merged into that profile, when he is not online, his profile may show "Quark" as the most recently used name.

If you are a server owner and wish to avoid having this problem, we strongly recommend that you utilize our RCON service in order to provide accurate player tracking. Information about our RCON tool can be found here:

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