What Can I Do to Hide My Player Profile?

Hiding a player profile is a difficult issue to tackle based in part on the way that we acquire information about players. Game servers and Steam make player profile information public as part of the query protocol for most games. In most cases, all we obtain is the player profile name and not any unique identifiers. Usually we cannot tell two players with the same name apart. If a player changes their name, we often cannot tell that player A and player B are really the same player.

That being said, we do sometimes obtain information about a player's unique identifiers through an RCON connection to a given server. In those cases, those unique identifiers are used to improve the accuracy of the player profile in a way that can allocate new names and identifiers to the same profile.

If you are the subject of one of these player profiles, you can take steps through our system to remove the profile from public view and eliminate any alerts that may have been set on the profile by others. There are two methods to do this with varying features.

The first method only works for Rust and depends upon server admins enabling the clientperf command as part of their connection settings with us. On those participating servers, all you need to do is enable streamer mode. If we detect you are using streamer mode, we will hide you from the list of online players. Upon logoff, your session will return to "public" status.

The second method is described below and will mark your session as "private" as well as hide you from the list of online players regardless of whether you are in streamer mode or whether you are online. When enabled, your session history will be invisible to everyone except for the server administrators whose servers you have played on. Note that this second method is only available to Premium subscribers, RCON subscribers, or an administrator in the organization of an RCON subscriber.

1. Go to the account page. You can access it directly here: https://www.battlemetrics.com/account or by clicking the "person" icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. See below:

2. Navigate to the bottom-right of that page where "Account Management" is listed, or navigate directly through this link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/account/management

3. Add Steam as a sign-in method if you haven't already. Clicking the button will re-direct you to the Steam community login page. Sign in to continue.

4. Upon signing in, you should be prompted by a success notice.

5. Now that you have added the Steam account, you will notice a "Claim Player Profile" button next to the Steam Account type.

6. This will generate a prompt that seeks your consent to track, process, and associate your Steam64ID to a BattleMetrics player profile. If you agree, click continue.
7. Now the button will change to "Player Profile". Click it.

8. Now that you have clicked on the "Player Profile" button, you will be taken to the BattleMetrics player profile that is associated with your Steam64ID. If it didn't already exist, we will have created one for you. To adjust the privacy settings of your player profile, select the "Settings" option in the upper-right.

9. This will create a prompt that will allow you to select your profile's privacy options. Read the disclaimer and select from the drop-down list the appropriate setting for you. You can also unclaim the profile from this page. Congratulations, you're done!

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