What is a counter?

Counters are just that - they count! The idea behind a counter is to make sure that your triggers aren't simply taking x action every time your conditions are met. Let's say that you have a person that says a bad word one time. You might want to give them a warning. But what if that player continues using the bad word? You don't simply want to keep issuing warnings with no consequences. With counters, you can issue different levels of punishment for different levels of violations. For the first violation, you can do a warning. For the second, a kick. For the third, a ban. And so on.

Counters aren't limited to just punishments though. You can use them to alert you about problem players. In Rust, players can report others using the F7 Report function. Our triggers allow you to check how many times a player has been reported and act accordingly.

Other use cases can include ping checks, server map rotations, and more. Your imagination is the only limitation!

How to create counters

Counters are something you create on the create/edit trigger page. Creating a counter always starts at the action section. Once a counter is created as an action, you can then reference it as a condition.

See the tutorial video below on Rust F7 trigger reports which can be illustrative of what you can do with the system.

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