What is the Scheduler?

Our scheduler is a way to automate recurring tasks or notifications. A common use would be to notify that your server is going to restart. If your server restarts every day at 10am, you can use our scheduler to send notifications to the server letting them know that. It's easy to set up and runs whenever you tell it to.

How to find the Scheduler?

The Scheduler can be found in your RCON interface at the top-right of the screen. It is the "clock" icon located Next to the alert, account, and logout icons. It looks like this:

Alternatively you can connect by direct link:

Example navigation is shown in the GIF below:

Select your organization and the type of schedule you want to create.

Schedule Types

We have three template options for schedules: Basic, Warning, and Advanced. 

Basic schedules are intended to be simple messages or commands that are set to run at a fixed time a fixed interval. Examples include issuing a save world command every thirty (30) minutes or broadcasting a particular message every three (3) hours.

Warning schedules are designed to alert your players that something is coming up. The time between messages gradually counts down to the time the event is meant to occur. Ideally used for restart warnings.

Advanced schedules are customizable and useful if your desired schedule does not fall neatly into the Basic or Warning categories.

Note: if you are creating advanced schedules, don't forget to tell the scheduler on what minute to run. If you forget to include information about the exact moment the schedule should run, it may run more times than you want. As an example, if you have the schedule set to run at 11am but no minute specified, then your schedule will run at 11:00, 11:01, 11:02, etc.

Make sure to be specific!


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