How Do I Add Or Invite Staff To My Organization?

As a server owner, you can invite other administrators to help you run your organization. Our system allows you to manage those users and limit what each person can do. You never need to hand out your RCON password to anyone else.

Getting Started

Start by navigating to your org page.

Then, select the organization you want to invite members into.

Once you are on the desired organization page, you will see a section at the lower right called "Invites" and a "Send Invite" button. Click that button.

Type in the target user's email address. Select a role, or alternatively, customize the permissions you want to grant the person you are inviting.

Congratulations, you're done!

Any pending invites will be shown under the "Send Invite" button.
Once invites are accepted, the users will appear under the "Staff" heading on the right hand side. You can still edit their permissions or roles after they have joined the organization.

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