Trigger Conditions

There are numerous conditions available for each Trigger type. For more information about trigger types, see our article here.

Conditions for each trigger type can be found by navigating to the edit/create trigger page. This page can be easily accessed by clicking the "Create Trigger" button as shown in the image below, followed by selecting a preset trigger or by clicking "Continue to Editor":

Once on the Create/Edit trigger page, you can easily find all the conditions available for your game/server combination by viewing the "Condition Table". The link to the Condition Table can be found in the upper-right hand corner of the Create/Edit trigger page. Clicking the link will open a dialogue with a list of conditions and variables. See here for the location of the link: 

Notice that there are variables listed in {{ }} brackets on the Condition Table. These variables can be used in whatever action you choose to take. If you want to include the player's name in the ban reason, you can simply add the {{}} variable to your ban reason. Consult the Condition Table anytime you want to include a variable in your trigger action.

If you are confused about what a trigger condition does, try clicking on the condition and a tool-tip should describe the functionality of that condition. See below:

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