File Uploads

File uploads are stored by BattleMetrics and access is controlled by organization permissions. In addition to any ban or player note permissions the user must have the "View Uploaded Files" permission to view file uploads. The "Upload File" permission is also required to upload files.

File uploads must be associated with a ban and/or player note. References are automatically updated when a note is created, updated, or deleted. The content of the note is scanned for references to file uploads. The file must be referenced in an a , attachment , source , or img tag. These tags are created automatically when inserting a link, image, or video.

If a file upload is no longer associated with a note, or the note is never created, the file will be deleted.

Shared notes and bans will also grant access to referenced files. Users in the downstream organization will still need permission to view the ban/note along with the "View Uploaded Files" permission.

A user must have direct access to a file for a file reference to be created. A file link copied from a shared note and then shared with another organization will not work. The image itself may be copied and uploaded again.

File uploads are limited to 200MB each and the upload must be completed in under 100 seconds.

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